Offering the Best and Quality Staffing Solutions

offering-the-best-and-quality-staffing-solutionsAdequate medical staffing is essential in the healthcare industry. At Clinical Staffing Resources, we help healthcare facilities and organizations, particularly nursing homes in Hollywood, Florida, to attain quality, timely, and effective provision of healthcare services to their patients or clients. We ensure that every employer is matched with the most skilled and competent healthcare professionals.

Not only that, but we also offer competitive employment benefits to qualified job seekers that meet the desired requirements and preferences of our partner employers. We see to it that they are placed in the right facility or organization. 

Here are some of the common positions we staff and the duties they perform:

  • Certified Nursing Assistants

    Aside from assisting with the patient’s personal needs, they also perform additional duties, such as monitoring vital signs and documenting food and fluid intake. They also report other health concerns to the supervising nurse who is either a Registered Nurse in Tampa, Florida, or a Licensed Practical Nurse.

  • Licensed Practical Nurses 

    They provide bedside care which is mostly focused on measuring and recording patient information, particularly any significant changes in health condition. A Licensed Practical Nurse in Amityville, New York, administers injections and catheters, as well as provides proper wound care to patients. They are supervised by Registered Nurses and Physicians.

  • Registered Nurses

    Their nursing duties and responsibilities are wider in scope, compared to a Certified Nursing Assistant in Brooklyn, New York, or a Licensed Practical Nurse. They can assist in the mental health aspect, emergency situations, and pre- to post-operative roles.

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