Is Per Diem Nursing Right for You?

is-per-diem-nursing-right-for-youPer diem is a Latin term that means “per day.” A per diem registered nurse in Tampa, Florida functions similarly to substitute teachers. When a healthcare facility requires coverage because a staff member is ill or on vacation, per diem nurses are called to fill the void. Per diem nursing assignments are temporary positions that last one or more days.

Unlike regular or travel nursing, per diem nursing does not need you to commit to a specific facility, location, or shift. Per diem nursing allows you to work when and where you wish. Per diem nurses are usually paid more than regular employees because they do not receive benefits. Many career nurses perform per diem shifts in addition to their regular schedules to supplement their pay. Per diem nursing also allows you to take as many shifts as you need to determine whether a new position or location is right for you.

Per diem nurses, like substitute teachers, are subject to the staffing demands of local schools- thus there may not always be work available. Clinical Staffing Resources, for example, can assist you in finding openings in your area, whether for a certified nursing assistant in Brooklyn, New York, or a non-clinical staff.

The freedom of per diem nursing is appealing to many, but with that flexibility comes to the need for spontaneity when taking up shifts. Many per diem modifications become available as a result of someone calling in sick for the day, which means you may only have a few hours notice before your next eight or twelve-hour shift at nursing homes in Hollywood, Florida.

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